Massage is a relaxing and enriching experience. It brings a wide range of benefits: from the unspoken communication of touch, to a meditative experience that takes us into a heightened consciousness. For ages, we've known that harmony of mind, body and spirit is essential to inner peace and good health. A session of massage recreates such harmony amidst busy, modern lives.

The effect of calm, loving touch through massage eases anxiety, hostility, and pain. Blood pressure subsides, the heart rate calms and tensions dissipate. Under good hands, breathing is nudged deeper and becomes more regular.

Overworked muscles tend to accumulate lactic acid. Massage kneading, by improving blood flow through the muscles, helps flush away the lactic acid and reconditions the muscle for a new day.

With enhanced blood circulation from a session of massage, more oxygen and nutrients are transported to every part of the body, boosting cellular, tissue and organ function. Moreover, it increases the metabolic rate and accelerates cell regeneration. Massage also aids in lymphatic drainage, reducing toxin levels in the body. The immune system is boosted, helping to ward off infection.

Perhaps most important of all, a session of massage is tranquility for the mind - a pause in our hectic lives, when our awareness reconnects with our physical body, just when it feels wonderfully good.