Some tips to maximise the benefit of a massage session:  

Be a receptive receiver, relax and let go of instinctive defence mechanisms. Surrender yourself to the therapist, so that he can work smoothly on you.  

Inhabit your physical body fully; do not let your attention stray with random, distracting thoughts. Feel the warmth of the therapist's hand. Sense the strength of his pressure and enjoy the rush of your own blood flow. 

Inhale and exhale in rhythm with the massage movements. Let there be silent communication between yourself and the therapist.  

Avoid a heavy meal, alcohol or smoking before your appointment, so that you feel light and clear through the session.

Take a shower or body scrub before a massage to remove dead skin cells, and enhance absorption of essential oil.  

Inform your therapist of any recent injury or if you are under any medical treatment.  

Remove all jewellery before the session begins, to avoid distraction.  

Drink some water after the session, in order to drain toxins out of the body. However, drink a mouthful at a time, as too much water ingested too quickly may make you feel bloated, thus losing the benefit of the therapy.